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Zera Shimshon

Parshat Vayishlach

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Zera Shimshon Weekly Gilyan

Every week we publish a special issue with selected sayings and chidushim from the “Zera Shimshon” on the Parsha. The short sayings are written from the long books of ‘Zera Shimshon’, in order to make it easier for the learners to have a brief chidush to give over to a friend, at the Shabbos meal with the family or at any time.
The issue comes out in lashon ha’kodesh, French, and Yiddish. We also assist in the publication of the issue in English by Rabbi Shevach Pepper.

In the issue there are unique sections, “The Imrot Shimshon”, “Pniney Shimshon “ which is short tidbits about the Parsha that are scattered throughout the book, Eretz Yishroel, Bais Hamikdash, Tfilla , Shabbos and more. The ‘Gvurash Shimshon’ is special storys of Yeshua from the Baalai Maishe themselves. And a variety other fascinating sections on the “Zera Shimshon”. In the summer we printed another addition “The Avos Shimson” on Mshechesh Avos

The issue is printed in Israel, the United States and Europe, in tens of thousands of copies, and is distributed to hundreds of Batai Medresh, Kollels and other public places.

Due to the great demand at the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem, a special distributer was appointed to distribute the issues every weekend. In recent weeks, more than five hundred issues were distributed at the Mir Yeshiva.
The issue is published on selected sites, the site ‘Ladaat’ , the site ‘Bainenu’, ‘Print Mail’, and ‘The kuntrest of all elonim’ – the booklet of selected issues that is distributed all over the world.

We have been able to issue nearly 200 pamphlets over the past four years, issues that are received with love and affection among the learners.


Zera Shimson

Rabbi Shimshon Chaim ben Rabbi Nachman Michal Nachmani, was a Rabbi of four large communities throughout Italy and in his end of life in the city Reggio Emilia. Rabbi Shimshon Chaim ‘Niftar’ in the year 1779 in the city Reggio in Itlay. During his funeral, there were many words of praise, not just in his erudition of Torah, but on his love for the Jewish people. The communities in Italy and abroad considered Rabbi Shimshon Chaim their Rebby.

Major Rabbis in his generation, wrote amazing things in his honor and wisdom. Including One of the outstanding rabbis figures the ‘Hida’ (Rabbi Haim Yosef David Azulai ben Rabbi Rephael Yitzhak Zerachia) had testify on Rabbi Shimshon Chaim praise in ‘Kedushah’ and wisdom and also knowledge in studying ‘Kabala’ and practical ‘Kabala’. Rabbi Shimshon Chaim lived in ‘Or ha-Ḥayyim’ ‘Hakadosh’ (Rabbi Chaim ben Atar ben Rabbi Moshe) era, and was in friendship with him.

Rabbi Shimshon Chaim had only one child, a son, who died at a young age. Upon this Rabbi Shimshon Chaim decided to dedicate his ‘Sefarim’ to the memory of this child who had no continuity of a family. In the beginning of his book Rabbi Shimshon Chaim wrote that he need to leave some memory in this world because he has no continuity. And that’s why he wrote the book and named it: “Zera Shimshon”, means the Seed of Shimshon. Rabbi Shimshon Chaim publish the book one year before he died.

Rabbi Shimshon Chaim placed a lot of his energy, during his lifetime that people should learn from his ”Sefarim”. Rabbi Shimshon Chaim also emphasized, that after his ‘Neshama’, will leave this world that people should continue to learn from his ”Sefarim”. What is most unusual for a Tzadik of this stature, was that he made a promise. That promise is that anyone that takes upon himself to learn from his writing, he promises “children, praise, health, ‘Parnasa’, wealth, honor”.


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