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Parshat Balak

"And your eyes will see children and grandchildren like the offshoots of an olive tree around your tables, wise and understanding, with homes filled with all good things... wealth and honor..."

Parshat Balak

The issue is printed in Israel, the United States and Europe, in tens of thousands of copies, and is distributed to hundreds of Batai Medresh, Kollels and other public places.

Due to the great demand at the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem, a special distributer was appointed to distribute the issues every weekend. In recent weeks, more than five hundred issues were distributed at the Mir Yeshiva. We have been able to issue nearly 300 pamphlets (Divrei Torah Sheets) over the past five years, issues that are received with love and affection among the learners.

Come for the segula, stay for the Torah. 

The Zera Shimshon asks questions on the text that allow you to see the Torah in a brand new light. Discover deep and inspiring insights on the weekly parsha, translated into 7 languages, while honoring the legacy of one of our Gedolim – Download links above…

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Who Was The Zera Shimshon?

An 18th century talmid chacham and mekubal, Rav Shimshon Chaim ben Rav Nachman Michaeli was the rav of four large communities in Italy. When his only son died, Rav Shimshon declared that his sefarim would be his legacy, naming them Toldot Shimshon (The Generations of Shimshon) and Zera Shimshon (The Seed of Shimshon). The latter was published in 1778, one year before his death. In the introduction, Rav Shimshon asked people to learn his Torah and promised that anyone who did would be blessed with “children, praise, health, parnasa, wealth, honor.”

For many years, almost no one learned his works. They were very rare, difficult to read, and almost impossible to understand. However, in the last fifteen years, the profound Torah of the Zera Shimshon has finally spread throughout the world, bringing abundance and yeshuot to those yearning for children, a shidduch, parnasa, and healing. 

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“…the person who learns the commentary, will sit at his table surrounded by his children and family; beautiful blessings, all given wholeheartedly to the person who studies this work. A house filled with everything good…. The blessings will begin in this world and carry on in the world to come….. “ from the author’s Introduction to Zera Shimshon

Example Classes On The Zera Shimson

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