Zera Shimshon Weekly Gilyan

Every week we publish a special issue with selected sayings and chidushim from the “Zera Shimshon” on the Parsha. The short sayings are written from the long books of ‘Zera Shimshon’, in order to make it easier for the learners to have a brief chidush to give over to a friend, at the Shabbos meal with the family or at any time.

The issue comes out in lashon ha’kodesh, French, and Yiddish. We also assist in the publication of the issue in English by Rabbi Shevach Pepper.

In the issue there are unique sections, “The Imrot Shimshon”, “Pniney Shimshon “ which is short tidbits about the Parsha that are scattered throughout the book, Eretz Yishroel, Bais Hamikdash, Tfilla , Shabbos and more. The ‘Gvurash Shimshon’ is special storys of Yeshua from the Baalai Maishe themselves. And a variety other fascinating sections on the “Zera Shimshon”. In the summer we printed another addition “The Avos Shimson” on Mshechesh Avos

The issue is printed in Israel, the United States and Europe, in tens of thousands of copies, and is distributed to hundreds of Batai Medresh, Kollels and other public places.

Due to the great demand at the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem, a special distributer was appointed to distribute the issues every weekend. In recent weeks, more than five hundred issues were distributed at the Mir Yeshiva.

The issue is published on selected sites, the site ‘Ladaat’ , the site ‘Bainenu’, ‘Print Mail’, and ‘The kuntrest of all elonim’ – the booklet of selected issues that is distributed all over the world.

We have been able to issue nearly 200 pamphlets over the past four years, issues that are received with love and affection among the learners.

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Zera Shimshon Hamevoar

Since the words of Rabbainu  are so deep, with the initial help of friends and donors , we entered a huge multi-dimensional project with a huge investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars In order to re-publish the books of Rabbeinu “The Zerra Shimshon Hamevoar” in his deep words, so that everyone can savor and understand his sweet and wonderful words.

In the new edition, all the mistakes in the regular edition will be corrected, tens of thousands of references and ‘ Marai mekomos’ will be added,
proper ‘nikud‘ and editing will be made, and a careful explanation written by a team of outstanding scholars, with ‘Hearos‘ and comments will be added at the  bottom of  the page.

With great ‘Shiata Dishmaya’, we have already published “The Zera Simshon Hamevoar” on ‘Shir Hashirim’, which was lovingly accepted by thousands of Lamdanim who eagerly await the publication of additional volumes.

Beezrat Hashem during the winter, we will complete all five Megilos, Ruth, Eicha, Esther, Koheles, and continue to publish the rest of the book on Chamisha Chumshai Torah.

Completing the series is up to you, and the help of each and every one!

Kollel Lail Shishi for learning the books of The ‘Zerra Shimson’

Every Thursday night for a long Hour there is Limud Brabim of the book of ‘The Zerra Shimshon’. While in the second part of the kollel a shiur is given in on the ‘Zerra Shimshon’, from a great Talmid Chacham and scholar.

Before and after the learning, we mention the names of all the donors and partners in the Distribution Project of the ‘Torat Zerra Shimshon’ for Yeshuah, Bracha and success in all their endeavors.

Many saw Yeshuos in the zechus of these prayers, which are said at the time of this special learning.

Recording Shiurim systems

In order to make it easier for the learners to understand the depth of the words of Rabbeinu,
we have set up a recorded shiurim system that can be heard on a large number of topics from the “Zera Shimshon” books in Hebrew, Yiddish, English and Spanish. There is also a special edition to share at the Shabbat table together with the family.

These shiurim were delivered by a special and wonderful lecturer in a fascinating and attractive manner. Every day hundreds of people from all over the world listen to these classes for thousands of minutes.
You can also hear dozens of stories of Yeshuos that are told first hand in a very moving way. As well as regular updates on all matters concerning the books of ‘Zera Shimshon’.

The Number for hearing the lessons:

Israel: 02-80-80-600USA: 718-506-0105 London: 0333-300-2515

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