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Parshat Behaalotecha

"And your eyes will see children and grandchildren like the offshoots of an olive tree around your tables, wise and understanding, with homes filled with all good things... wealth and honor..."

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The Five Megilos in honor of Purim

Eishes Chaiyal


The Zera Shimshon Five Megilos Edition – NEW SEFER including explanations on the scroll of Esther in honor of Purim!

Exciting new book which can now be obtained in stores.

For details 347-496-5657 or in Israel 05271-66450

חמש מגילות ומגילת אסתר לכבוד פורים ספר חדש אפשר להשיג בחנויות. לפרטים 347-496-5657 או בארץ ישראל 05271-66450


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