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"And your eyes will see children and grandchildren like the offshoots of an olive tree around your tables, wise and understanding, with homes filled with all good things... wealth and honor..."

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Zera Shimshon on Megillas Esther

Eishes Chaiyal

Bringing the Study of Zera Shimshon to a Whole New Level!

Thousands have discovered the beautiful and original Torah thoughts – and the remarkable segulah – of the Zera Shimshon. Now, ArtScroll proudly presents The Zera Shimshon on Megillas Esther, the first in a multi-volume series on the commentary that has captivated the Torah world.

The Zera Shimshon on Megillas Esther includes:

  • The full text of the Zera Shimshon’s commentary on Megillas Esther, with an elucidated translation designed to help the reader follow the Zera Shimshon’s often-complex ideas.
  • An Introduction to each derush, with explanations to enhance our understanding of the Zera Shimshon’s commentary.
  • Explanatory notes that offer more important background material.
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